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Keto - Day 8

Today is Sunday, July 20th, and the official beginning of my second week on the ketogenic diet! Also, it’s the beginnning of the 8th day!

To begin, I will start with numbers. A week ago I would wake up and weigh myself immediately and it was usually 186 lbs. This morning, I was 180.8 lbs. These are my measurements today:

waist(smallest point) - 35 inches

hips(largest point) - 44 inches

bicep - 12.5 inches

chest - 38 inches

I kinda threw myself into this diet without a lot of preparation or thought about my meals in advance. Because of poor planning, I ate a lot of pre-prepared foods or easy foods that I didn’t have to worry about looking up the recipe for, such as:

  • fried eggs
  • bacon
  • olive & coconut oil
  • butter
  • cheese blocks
  • salami, chicken, hamburger, etc
  • broccolli, asparagus
  • salmon
  • mayo
  • coffee with butter

I’ve spent the week gathering recipes and figuring out my macros.

As for the macros, I have used a keto calculator on and determined that I need to eat around 1554 calories per day. I am sometimes active and sometimes not, but more often not. I go to my gym maybe twice a week. Maybe. And yes, I pay good money to not go the gym consistently. Ha! And as for the individual macros, I am aiming for 75% fat, 20% protein, and 5% carbs. This ends up looking like 

carbs per day - 19 g

fat per day - 130 g

protein per day - 78 g

I don’t count every calorie but I will estimate so I know where I’m generally falling each day. Also, if I eat too way too many calories one day, I will compensate by not eating so many the next day. Because sometimes you can’t anticipate going out to eat and such!